Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jake - 6 years old

Dear Jake, 
Six years old. Time has flown. Just yesterday I was holding a tiny baby in my arms. It's been an honor to watch you grow and to be your mom (and dad). These past 6 months have seen lots of new things: lost your first tooth, learned to play on a team with t-ball, finished your second half of Kindergarten, starting to have official chores around the house (setting the table and picking up your own toys and clothes), new glasses, the ability to walk up and back from Skylar's house on your own, and learning to read and write.

You are such an amazing team player and good friend. You're the kind of kid who gets along with anyone, and everyone enjoys your company. 
At school you participated in learning about Mexican culture and dressed up to dance in a performance. You were so excited about it and Gramma, Ryan, and I loved watching you.
You've definitely turned into a boy!
Graduating from Kindergarten was pretty awesome. 

You were sad about leaving Sra. Lagos. Each day that you arrived, you would greet her with a hug. I'm so happy that you have liked your teachers.
The day before your birthday we decided to go get your hair cut. Originally you were thinking you wanted to try having long hair, like Daddy, but as it grew you started to realize that it wasn't as much fun as you thought. For one thing, it made you hotter and sweatier when the temperatures rose! 


After, a new style that the cool guy did for you. Short on the back and sides, a little longer in the front.

One of the biggest changes that you've made in the last few months prior to turning six is that you can now fall asleep on your own. No longer do you need me or Daddy to stay by your side until you fall asleep. Since school finished, you have been getting into bed and reading Calvin and Hobbes using a red-light flashlight, and then going to sleep when you are ready. This is such a big milestone and incredibly sweet.

We love you so much -- you are such an amazing, sweet, loving smart, inquisitive, happy boy.

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