Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Hike

Went to Washington Park to do a bit of easy hiking on the trails around there. It was a cold day! The best part of the hike was seeing all the plants, bushes, and trees that were labeled with their names and reading them and talking about them with Jake. We can now recognize by sight some of the native plants around here (even if we don't remember their names).

The funny thing about this hike is that it is incredibly close to the zoo. And we have zoo membership which means we can pop in anytime. We spent almost the whole hike with both boys saying "Zoo now? Can we go to the zoo? Is it time for the zoo? I want to see the animals! Animals! Animals!" Mama really just wanted to enjoy the hike. Oy, the life of a parent. So we did walk to the zoo and see some of the animals. The best part was when we were about to leave and I decided we should just take a short peek at some of the Pacific Northwest animals and we happened to see the black bears just as 2 of them were playing/wrestling! It was very cool. 

So we went for that nice hike/zoo... kept doing our daily life... and then the last week of February this happened - Jake came down with the flu. The norovirus AND the flu in the same month? Poor kid. At least he got a new Lego set to do in bed.

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