Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Pictures

My birthday fell on a Tuesday, and all 3 of my guys had to go to bed early for school and work, so I was lucky that Guthrie took me out to dinner! We walked from my house to Sasquatch Brewery and I was thrilled with hard cider, good food, and great company.

Fall playing. Three days this month Ryan and I went and picked up Porter from her school and took her home to play.

We went to the playground on one of those days and they had a great time tree climbing.

 They were too tired to walk back home, but I was prepared. Ryan went on my back and Porter went into the stroller. I had a great workout walking uphill back home!

We went to BBR for a weekend since both boys had Friday off from school.

 Another playdate with Porter. This time they both came grocery shopping with me.

It was a wee bit crazy shopping with 2 3-year olds...

Another day I took my boys to the playground.

 More tree climbing.

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