Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We usually go to Lee Farms for our pumpkin patchin', but this year we decided to try a different place and went to Fir Point Farms in Canby. This is up the road from where both sets of my grandparents lived, and growing up they would occasionally take me to this farm stand. 

This picture describes perfectly the nature/temperament of my two boys...
We thought it would be fun to go on this cow train ride...

It turned out to be the ride of terror. I'm laughing in this picture but I was also using ALL OF MY STRENGTH to hold on to the cow with my hand and my legs and keep Ryan on my lap. We were driven super fast on a bumpy field around in circles. EEEeeeee!
After that, we needed to be in a soft, padded place. Ryan was very happy with this bouncy house that was only for the 4 and under crowd. (Jake went into the big kid bouncy house.)

Stopping for a snack. It was such a beautiful day!
Glorious place full of hay to jump in and play!

We loved the animals. I think this is the goat.

If you make this picture really big, you may be able to spot the baby goats.

Jake and I went inside the hay maze. It was so dark that they had a basket of flashlights at the entrance! (I saw most of the adults using their iPhone flashlights...)


This was my favorite - the nuthouse. It was filled with unshelled hazelnuts.

Perfect place to wrestle.


Exhausted boy.

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