Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Post!

I've been contemplating creating a blog for awhile... but what to blog about? After spending lots of time reading other's blogs, I finally came up with some ideas for things I can post about. So this blog will be a combination of the happenings of the lives of Lee, Mike, and Jake; the cats Theo and Kami; what we eat (a la; being "green", and other random thoughts. This is also a place to obsessively pursue my love of parentheses! (Ha ha.)

Happy Spring... there's a lot to be said for "spring cleaning". What is it about the new flowers, warmer weather, and fresh air that nudges us into action? I am finally getting my finances in order, something that has been bothering me for a few years (!), the garden has been started (yay for tomatoes, snow peas, swiss chard, carrots, radishes, beets, corn (fingers crossed), basil, chives, mint, dill, parsley, and others) and the house continues its gradual state of being unpacked/organized/decorated (but we've lived here long enough that deep cleanings are already needed, sigh).

Jake turned 10 months on April 20th and yesterday he CRAWLED! He didn't move far, but it was definitely a real crawl. Whoohoo! Time to further baby-proof the house. He also went from his belly to a sitting position. My baby is growing.

Here are some fun pictures of Jake. Notice the wild hair he's inherited from his daddy... it's sticking up on one side because he just woke up from napping on that side. :)

Hey, look at me! I'm cute!

Yup, my hair sticks up like my Daddy's.

Humm maybe that's not such a bad thing as Daddy is good-looking.

Look, I have teeth!

Are you still taking pictures?

Maybe if I look away the camera will go away...

Eep! That didn't work!

I guess I'll just have to EAT THE CAMERA!


Sage Femme said...

he is sooo cute! :) yay!

Korin said...

yay!! i love jake! (and you too!) welcome to blogland!

Donny said...

Welcome to Blogistan! Whoohoo!

Jake's a cutie patootie. You probably shouldn't let him develop a taste for cameras. I don't think they're organic.

So you're trying your green thumb at corn now? I can't imagine. You've hardly got a backyard. Oh, I get it now. BABY CORN. Yeah. *taps temple with finger* I got you.

Happy Blogging :)