Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sun Day

Another beautiful day here! We went to the Hillsdale Farmer's Market this morning. I forgot to bring the camera -- there were lots of people and it was such a nice atmosphere and good vibe. It feels good to be buying locally grown/made products (and be outdoors while at it). We got some more starter plants for the garden -- green and yellow zucchini, cilantro, and another catnip plant. Yes, another. We got a catnip plant about 2 weeks ago, planted it and I was very puzzled as to why it wasn't growing, but rather, seemed to be dying as soon as we planted it! I discovered the culprit, or probably one of the culprits when I spotted Kami making love to the plant and drooling profusely while doing so. Aha. So this time the new plant has a wire cage around it so that the cats can't destroy the plant but they will be able to munch on the leaves when it grows big enough. There's nothing like happy, drugged cats!

I got these at the farmer's market to make strawberry-rhubarb pie. Yum!

Mike and I planted our new starter plants, mowed and trimmed the grass, and I trimmed a blueberry bush. Jake is cute in the grass and enjoys being outside.

While we continued to do yardwork, Jake was entertained by this bowl of water. He loved splashing the water and putting the toys in and out. I got the idea for this from Jake's friend Monica. That's Kami the cat in the background (with her collar on, of course).

He soaked his clothes, and then realized he was wet and cold. So I changed him. Daddy put him back in front of the bowl without me knowing, and guess who got his clothes wet again! He had twice the fun.

Daddy and Jake with his 3rd outfit of the day!

Last night Mike, Jake, Grandpa, and I went to dinner at the yummy Kalga Kafe. We all shared a vegan pizza.


Breana said...

thanks for sharing your family's life with us...i love your blog! you look so much like your dad, too!!

Donny said...

Seriously, the whole toy industry thing is a total racket. A multi billion dollar component of our economy with massive R&D and... oooo, look! a bowl full of water!