Monday, April 30, 2007

Laundry Day and Lunch

Today the laundry needs to be done. Seven loads. Yup, 7. I can't imagine how much laundry will need to be done if (when) we have more kids. It's a good thing I LIKE doing laundry! Here's Jake on the washing machine during the spin cycle. Seems like it would be fun but he doesn't seem so sure.

Jake does love to help me sort the laundry. He picks up the laundry and sorts into random piles. Only his genius brain knows the reasoning behind those random piles.

And here's today's lunch for Mike. In the big bottom container is a salad with smoked salmon pieces (he's a true Alaskan at heart, and salmon is his favorite food). The salad has red leaf lettuce, green onions, celery, radishes, red bell pepper, carrots, and sunflower seeds. The little jar has the dressing which is You-Must-Make-This-Dressing from Sarah Kramer's cookbook The Garden of Vegan. It's our favorite dressing, except for the G family's amazing garlic-honey dressing. The top container has a pita pocket bread with lettuce and a filling of mashed white beans with cilantro, salt, and Pace salsa (we love Pace salsa, always have since we were both children, and it now comes in an organic version!). There's also 3 cut-up kiwis in there and a piece of dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds wrapped in foil.

The salad was easy to make because we had the same salad last night, except with avocado instead of salmon, so I just made lots of it. Beans are easy -- I tend to cook them in batches and freeze them in small jars, and always have a jar of beans ready in the fridge. White, black, pinto, I love them all.


Donny said...

Mike is WAY too lucky. I want to reach into that photo and have me some lunch!


Korin said...

yum! ryan makes his own lunch. :) but i make all the milk!

Donny said...

I was just reading the news and discovered that last week they expanded the pet food recall AGAIN. This time the dry food I buy for Koko was listed. I wonder, do you take requests? Perhaps a blog post on how to feed cats so they don't die? :(

Lee said...

Oh how scary about Koko's food :(
I'm really not sure people want to read a blog post about the raw meat I feed the cats, let alone see a picture (YUCK!). There's a reason that Mike is the one who is responsible for making the food. The food is 1 pound liver (the liver should be run through a food processor), 1 pound ground meat (buy the highest fat one available, which is the cheapest, too). Mix with Instincts powder and water. Fill about 4 ice cube trays with the meat and freeze, keeping one tray in the fridge. Cats need about 2-4 cubes per day depending on their appetite.