Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

To prepare for our weekend in the sun, Jake modeled my pregnancy sunglasses (yes -- pregnancy sunglasses. Right now, in my slim state, these glasses are too big on me but when I filled out towards the end of my pregnancy with Jake, they looked fabulous!).
As was to be expected, Thursday afternoon traffic on I-5 south was stop and go. Jake, who fell into a deep sleep, practically had his face on his chest from me hitting the brake. To help him out, we took the strap off the computer bag and were able to keep his head upright while he slept.
On the ranch, playing with his new bike. He borrowed Mama's helmet, ha.

Corky and Sara joined us for the weekend at the ranch. We had such a fabulous time together. Went biking, hiking, ate good food, drank lots of wine, and played cards late one night with some dessert wine, raspberries, and dark chocolate. This picture was taken 7/5/08, one year pre-wedding!
The engaged couple.

You may be wondering what trail we went on. Well... it wasn't really a trail. The McKenzie Pass was closed, it said, 9 miles in. The hiking book said the trail we wanted to hike was 4.5 miles in. So we thought we'd be fine. Well the pass was closed 6 miles in and the hiking trail was actually 20 miles in?? Grrr. So we parked our car where we saw a kind of trail and just walked around for a bit and enjoyed the day.

I rented a bike trailer and had it attached to my bike. It was really cool!! (And easier to pull than I thought it would be, with the exception of very long, very steep hills.)

Jake spent the weekend playing with legos...
and positioning himself on the stairs.

We also did go to the pool twice, but didn't take pictures. Jake was fabulous in the water! I think those swimming lessons really paid off, he is so confident in the pool now. All in all a great weekend!


elliesmadre said...

It looks like you all had a great weekend. Those pjs are too cute. :)

nicole said...

Looks like you guys were busy having fun!

Jakes new bike looks cool! Can he pedal it? I'm curious what kind it is...