Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oregon Country Fair, Year 2

We returned to the Oregon Country Fair this year. It was so exciting to go back, especially knowing what to expect.

There was good food that had to be eaten. (Also good drinks -- fresh squeezed lemonade, yum!)
I had my face painted soon after we arrived. So fun and pretty!
And Jake enjoyed just being there and helped us with the eating and drinking (didn't want his face painted).
There was this cool dragon.
There was lots of nursing -- it was HOT, in the 90's so we were all very thirsty the whole day.
Jake got to help paint!

A good view of my face paint. (I was nursing Jake to sleep in Chela Meadow, with great music playing in the background and people playing and hanging out.)
We were underneath this beautiful tree.

Hooray for the Fair!


Radical Midwife said...

Aw, what great pictures! Your face paint looked cute!!

buffybutt said...

It was so great to hang out with you guys yesterday! What a beautiful tradition. xoxo

Lee said...

Angie! Was so good to see you, too. Thanks for taking the great picture of the 3 of us!

SUV MAMA said...

So jealous! :)AWESOME pictures!!

I have fond memories of working the Oregon Country Fair as a teen and being there as a child. What a great tradition to start with your son!

Hedro said...

I am going to have to go next year! I haven't been to the fair in YEARS! No idea why, but that looks like so much fun!