Monday, July 28, 2008

New Bed

My boy is growing up! That also means he is growing bigger... so we got him a twin bed and placed it next to ours. We'll put him to sleep in his bed and whenever he needs to, he can crawl over to us in our bed.

He was actually pretty excited about his new bed!
(And yes, the sheets are pink. I used to sleep on those sheets, so they are very soft.)

Edited to Add: Jake slept all night in his bed!! He crawled into my bed when it was time for his 6am nursing session. Fabulous. I, however, didn't sleep that well since I wasn't accustomed to the amount of space I suddenly had. I'm sure that won't last long.


Radical Midwife said...

Ah! Your bedroom looks like ours now. :) We have a king bed next to a full size bed. It makes cosleeping so much nicer@

Hedro said...

This is a lot like our setup! We love it, because yes, they can snuggle whenever they want to!