Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girl's Weekend

This past weekend I flew to Phoenix for a bachelorette weekend for my good friend Sara. The 8 of us girls had a fantastic time with lots of laughter, chatting, and sun. And we did a few other things, too...

Including taking a pole dancing class! It was lots of fun, a good workout, and yes, hilarious.

Me on the pole.
Sara was SO good at it! The class lasted over an hour and we learned a whole routine that included a sexy walk, dancing and spinning around the pole, and floor movements.
The next morning we went to the Golden Doors spa at The Boulders. Here we're all in our robes and ready for our spa treatments! I had a maternity massage.
Afterwards we hung out at the pool all day with a break for lunch. I'm sitting here with Carrie. It was so nice to be in the sun and chat non-stop with the girls.
Then we got all dolled up for drinks at The Sanctuary bar and dinner at Bloom. The other girls were lucky to have me as a designated driver :)
Bottom row: Tara, Sara, Heather, Leah. Top row: Lee, Lindsay, Carrie, Amy.
The next day Sunday I flew home. This little guy picked me up at the airport. Good thing he was not driving. I just love how he's holding on to his trains, Thomas and Gordon. He had a great weekend with Daddy, which included a trip to the zoo.


Rebekah said...

You look SO GORGEOUS and radiant!

Also? Pole dancing. Seriously. Wowza.

Laura said...

I like that pole dancing is a tag, like you plan to have future blog entries on pole dancing! Looks like you had such an awesome time... a great way to recharge while growing a baby!