Monday, April 20, 2009

My Boy

Today it is only TWO months before Jake turns three. Wow.

He is growing up so much now, and is so much a BOY. Growing up with only a sister, I am constantly startled to learn what boy behavior is, and looks like, and it makes me laugh! Recently he surprised us by completely mastering use of the potty, both at home and elsewhere (Gramma's and Papa's house! Whole Foods! Art Center!) and Mike and I are very, very grateful for a 6 month break from changing diapers. However, we do need to work on the habit of just pulling off the pants and underwear and peeing on the grass, however delightful that may seem.

His language development continues to explode, and he's just a little chatterbox now. Sometimes we compete for Gramma's attention while talking! Using sign language isn't as easy as just talking, but now he regularly gives us 3-4 word sentences in sign language, and understands everything. It's so much fun talking about more abstract concepts, such as the sun coming up every morning.

In addition to starting to learn how to sign the ABC's, I often catch him singing the ABC song to himself, and moving his fingers to fingerspell them at the same time. He does this side-to-side head bob during this song and it never fails to make me laugh.

Jake is interested in helping us with everything. We recently made an applesauce cake together, with him helping me to measure and pour all the ingredients. Mike was preparing some halibut for the grill, and Jake told him he was using too much lemon, ha! He also helped with picking up the grass after Mike had to use the weed wacker to tame the lawn, before he could use the lawn mower.

One of his favorite games with Daddy is to play chase. For a long time he's loved being chased by Daddy, but has recently figured out that he can be the one to chase Daddy! With Mama he loves to cuddle and read books, and we have been making trips to the library for new books to read.

It's a busy, busy time, but so much fun.

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