Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

When we walked in the door at Gramma and Papa's house, Jake immediately spotted his Easter basket and started playing before we could get his jacket off. Yay for Easter excitement!
A Thomas the Train book!
What's inside the carrot?
Three "baby rabbits" as Jake said.
Hiding the rabbits in the basket.
The eggs for eating. My family is funny like that.
After a wonderful brunch, the egg hunt began. There were plastic eggs with different things inside each egg, such as little rubber lizards, small animals, or chocolate. Jake would find each egg, open it up, examine the contents, and then state that he needed "more eggs!" We had to help him find them, but he squealed in delight at spotting each egg.

If you look really carefully to the right in the picture, you can see a purple egg "hidden" on top of the candle holder!
Looking at the treasures.
Couldn't get him to smile.


Amy said...

Wow Jake is getting sooo big! :D Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :D

Elizabeth said...

We've always thought you looked like your dad; but day-um, you and your mom are like twins! Hope you're feeling better!