Friday, August 21, 2009

Clackamas County Fair

Off to the fair! We parked and rode this open-air trolley. The boys loved it!

Max with Jake and Lee.
Ellie and her mom, Ami.

Fun to climb on huge machines!

Another one.
Very serious about his driving.
The rabbit was so soft.
Petting piglets! Thank goodness for the stations of hand sanitizer posted everywhere.
Now that is a lot of babies to nurse.
A wonderful drum in the Pioneer Village.
Kettle corn and rides with friends, can't beat that.
Listening to a story in the teepee.
Then the rides! Jake and Max teamed up and joined a construction company.
Waiting for the next ride.
Then they decided to become spacemen.
But in the end, the motorcycle gang was the way to go.
Serious biker face.
Then back on the trolley and home to naps!

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