Sunday, August 16, 2009


Why is this person so happy? It's because he got his new iPhone this morning!! This was the birthday present he'd been wanting and it was a gift from his mom. Yay!
With the iPhone, he got the super-duper protection system -- the otter box and a rubber holster. He has never been kind to his devices... see his well-used blackberry below, which looks like a dog chewed on it.
It was never actually chewed on by a dog, but it was run over by a car, dropped more times than either of us can count, and was dropped from the top of a skyscraper, fell 9 stories, and landed on a platform roof. And still worked. This is the pager equivalent of the ToughBook (a laptop that is supposedly indestructible) and has been perfect for Mike. But technology is even better now and the iPhone is so nice, although we recognize its fragility as compared to this old blackberry, so the protection system is necessary.

Anyways, Mike is happy and Jake is, too. Hard to tell which one of them likes it more.

P.S. This iPhone, with the GPS system, is a great help for finding the job sites where he has to work for his new job!!

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