Saturday, August 15, 2009

Multnomah Days

Every year our village has Multnomah Days (which should really be called Multnomah Day because it is only a one-day affair, but whatever). It is still a wonderful and fun event and I'm sure we'll be going for years to come, especially since we don't have to worry about parking!

Jake and I left the house in the morning (Mike was working) and wandered down into the village before the parade started. All the booths were set up. It's really neat to be able to walk down the middle of this street once a year.
The parade started, and first came the pooches. Lots of pooches, and many of them were dressed up. Quite amusing.
Jake lit up when he saw the 2 fire trucks come down the street!
With his balloon, waiting for more parade.
Signing "candy." The parade cars/people/groups throw candy to the kids watching the parade. In the beginning, Jake had no idea what to expect and just watched other kids scramble to pick up candy pieces. Then he finally got it but then there was a long, dry spell where no candy was thrown, and if it was, the bigger/older kids got to it first. Jake started to get discouraged and was turning to me every 2 minutes. "Candy." It was so sad for this mama!! So I finally had to get up and encourage the parade people to throw candy in his direction and then defend the area for Jake while telling him to "Go get it!! Pick up the candy!!" He finally got a few pieces and was quite pleased. Then two different older kids voluntarily came up to Jake and gave him a piece, each (they had goodie bags quite full). Very sweet.
There is a new mural being put up and it was cool to see some of it in the parade.
There were dancers.
The train was a big hit with my little guy. (Who of course wanted to get on it.)
Mama really liked this one. A plug-in hybrid that gets 100 miles to the gallon!
And there were even chickens. Ha.
Jake's "sucking on a hard candy" face.

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