Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This post really should be called CODA-isms, CODA standing for "Child of Deaf Adults" since I have found that most CODAs play with language this way, which is so incredible.

Sometimes Jake knows a word in English that he doesn't know the sign for, and what he'll do is he'll use the sign for something that sounds similar in English.

We were putting on sandals the other day and he made the sign for sand.

There was a very loud noise and Jake was pointing to his nose (nosey).

It cracks me up that he points to his butt every time he wants to talk about bats (the flying kind).

In each instance I've shown him what the correct sign is, and he's immediately started using it. Well, except in the case of butt/bat, which I think he is doing on purpose because he knows it makes me laugh.


Aaron said...

heh. my son does the same thing. The most recent word is cream (English) which he sign scream (CODA-ism).

Laura said...

I like this insight into CODA life; I know virtually nothing about it. Butt jokes are popular with everyone, though!