Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Jake and I left for Black Butte Ranch on Wednesday night and got a ride with a friend (thanks, John!)
Because we weren't able to bring his bike with us, we rented a big kid bike with training wheels. Yes, it happened to be pink, but nobody cared and Jake had a wonderful time riding it! He rode it so much, that the second day when he got on the bike, he complained his bottom hurt. I had to explain that sometimes your bottom gets sore when you ride a bike after not riding one for a long time.
He also liked the helmet so much he didn't want to take it off, even when relaxing on the deck.
Daddy came over 2 days later and we went into town. At the grocery store, they happened to have a fire truck open for viewing.

Jake was rather serious about it. But he got to keep the hat, which he liked!
There was also some swimming.
All in all, a good time with biking, swimming, going to the playground, playing with legos, and just being with Mama, Daddy, Gramma, and Papa.

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