Friday, November 27, 2009

Animals versus Sandbox

This morning Jake and I woke up and we made up a game involving these cool cards that have pictures of animals on them along with their names. Then Jake asked if we could go to the zoo. Since it was a sunny day (yay!) and we had no other plans, this is what we did.

However, once we got there, instead of seeing the animals, Jake decided he only wanted to play in the sandbox. So Mike and I sat in the sun and soaked up some vitamin D and relaxed.
Fortunately, before we left we did get to see some animals. Today was Thanksgiving for the polar bears so we got to watch as they ripped into their fake turkeys and got whatever treat was inside. Pretty fun. We also said hi to some monkeys and then our little monkey wanted to go back to the sandbox.

On the way out we stopped to get on the bronze goat.

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