Wednesday, November 4, 2009


An update as to what is happening with the Vees...

Mike went to Peru, leaving Jake and me to have 15 days of mother-son time! We made a calendar to show how many days Daddy would be gone and to mark off each day. (It is now day 7.) It is pretty cool for helping Jake to better understand the concept of days and yesterday/today/tomorrow.
Some painting happened.
Cuteness with Theo the cat (they are sharing the same seat!)
And drawing on pumpkins.
I have been battling an ear infection which has been incredibly painful and sucky, but it seems the worst is over. Jake has been wonderful during all of it and we've been playing games, reading books, and generally enjoying each other's company. We have lots of playdates coming up and are keeping busy!

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korin said...

oh my, the pix with the cat is adorable. :)