Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Part 1

This was Jake's first year dyeing eggs. Last year there were hard-boiled eggs with faces drawn on them, but this year my mom encouraged me to color them, and I'm glad she did.

So we have spinach, blueberries, tumeric, and beets cooking in water and vinegar for 30 minutes.
Next we let the dyes cool and then put in the already cooked, already cooled hard-boiled eggs. They were left in the dye overnight in the refrigerator.
This is how they turned out... keep in mind these were brown eggs so they might have been more vibrant with white eggs but we like to eat our brown eggs from our local farmer. The colors are so interesting! The off-white ones are from the spinach. The blue and green ones are all from the blueberries. One from the beets turned dark red and the other two turned pink. The yellows were cool.


Elizabeth said...

So cool! What was your ratio of water to vinegar?

Lee said...

1 quart of water to 2 tablespoons vinegar.