Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter, Part 2

Easter day. Jake enters my parent's house and goes straight for his Easter basket.
Cool new underwear (yes, he actually was excited).
Just because I love this man.
The table all set up, looking pretty.
And the food was so incredibly yummy!
Jake and Shelley reading the Tale of Peter Rabbit.
What Jake made for Easter gifts.
Time to hunt for eggs!
The adults chatting and watching while Jake dashed around looking... you can see him exiting the picture on the right.
I found one!! (He said that each time he found an egg.)
A basket full.
He loved opening the eggs. Most had candy inside, but a few had little animals, which he loved more than the candy.
I was holding the camera the whole time, but made sure a picture of me made it in!

Social technology information exchange.
Joe with the Easter basket (after we hid the eggs a second time and Jake was hunting them again).
Happy Easter!


Elizabeth said...

Everything is so beautiful - the table, the food, the people, Jake's smile! What a gorgeous day!

korin said...

I just cant get over Jake's popped up collar. He's like a little 1984 stud. :) happy eggs!