Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CA/OR Road Trip -- Solvang, Picnic

Monday night we left Disneyland around 6:30 and drove a very short distance to California Pizza Kitchen. The Vees shared a yummy dinner. David, Jackie, and Max were to join us but Max fell asleep in the short distance from the parking lot to the restaurant so they opted to head home. After our dinner we piled into the car and headed north on I-5 for the start of our road trip. The boys quickly fell asleep. I have to say I really enjoy the car pool lanes down there! The strangest thing was that it started to rain about 30 minutes into our trip north and rained on and off for 1.5 hours. After a quick stop for gas and switching drivers, we soon made it to Solvang, a cute little Danish town 3 hours north. We found our hotel and easily transferred the boys from car seats to beds. It was pitch black when we arrived, but the next morning was clear and sunny and I had fun taking pictures!

The Kronberg Inn, which we really enjoyed. A bit too cold to use the outdoor pool.
We walked a short distance into the town and had breakfast. I especially liked the fresh-squeezed orange juice -- you can see the big juicer full of oranges behind Mike.
Danish pancakes with a side of eggs. The pancakes were SO good (way better than IHOP)! I was still not able to eat it all.
Our waitress was nice enough to take a picture.
Around the cute little town...

A random picture I caught of Jake. Poor boy was sick the whole trip, with a bad cough and a fever that spiked occasionally. He still had fun when fun things were happening :)
After our short morning in Solvang, we got on the road and headed up the 101. The drive was stunningly beautiful. We stopped in San Luis Obispio and found a natural grocery store and brought picnic supplies. Needing a good picnic spot, I studied the map and we took a detour off the 101 to highway G14 and headed down a 2-lane, 35-45mph highway to Lake Nacimiento. Once there, we found a day-use area with a view of the lake. We had the place to ourselves, except for a few RVs, the owners of whom were either boating or hiking.

We had peanut butter and jam sandwiches, apple, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.
Our view of the lake.
Mike climbed the tree and came face-to-face with a gecko, who promptly ran up the tree.
After our lunch, we then headed up G19 (including over a 1-lane bridge!), reconnected with the 101, and drove through farmland to the 880 through Oakland, to my sister's house in Berkeley. The boys slept most of the way!

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