Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Parties!

Party time! (During these parties I focused on socializing with family and friends and taking care of one or both kids. Thus I did not bring my camera along and have obtained pictures from other people's cameras to post here! Thank you to those who did take these pictures.)

There was a ladies bridal shower Thursday night that my Mom, my sister, and myself attended. Ryan was the only male present. The other males were at my Aunt and Uncle's house for a BBQ. Jake had a fantastic time playing with his second cousins, Austin and Max (who are 3 months older and 4 months younger, respectively).

Max and Jake decided to read a book together. <3
Friday night was the rehearsal dinner party. Unfortunately, Jake had a fever that evening and so he needed to stay in the hotel room and rest. Mike stayed with him and ordered a room service dinner while Jake watched TV from the head of a very long bed.

Ryan and I rode a bus with all the other party-goers from the hotel to the groom's parent's home where they had the backyard all decked out.
Uncle Bud, me, Ryan, and my Mom.
The bride with Ryan.
It was a fun evening!
The next day was the wedding! Happiness all around. It was a fantastic party.

My Mom and her sister, my Aunt Dotty (also mother of the bride).
My cousin Barbara and her new husband, Justin.
Kinda-cousin Tom with me and Ryan.
Totally handsome!! Jake and Max.
Jake and Lauren, second cousins.
My cousin Anne with Jake.
Gramma and Jake.
Dancing with a tired boy.
All finished partying. Resting with Joe.
And.... OUT in the hotel room (this was the next morning, he was the last to wake up!)
Laughing Ryan (who was the first to wake up, naturally).
Sunday morning family brunch!

All 5 kids -- Austin, Jake, Ryan, Lauren, Paulina, and Max. Silly picture.
And nice picture.

Checking out of the Biltmore hotel in downtown LA with my sister.
Owning the couch.

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Wenni Donna said...

Oh my god! Such cute pictures! Family get together are to die for. I love it when all the relatives and our closed ones get together for functions or occasions like these. It is my sister’s wedding next month in one of the New York Event Venues and I can’t wait to meet everybody.