Monday, May 9, 2011


Sunday afternoon we left downtown LA and headed to Torrance to hang out with my cousin David and Jackie and Max for the afternoon/evening. Jake and Max had a great time playing. My Aunt Dotty and Uncle Ronnie joined all of us for dinner.

The boys having popsicles after dinner.

Then we left and stayed in the Super 8 near Disneyland. The Super 8 wasn't super great but it was fine for one night. The next morning we all woke up excited for Disneyland! But before that, there was the problem of breakfast. The Super 8 breakfast was a no-go. Muffins and donuts and fruit loops do not make for a good energy breakfast before a busy day, that is just asking for a mid-morning sugar-crash temper-tantrum. So off we went... to IHOP. (The nearby choices were VERY limited.)

The experience at IHOP was... interesting. In the car to IHOP, Jake informed me that Ryan was pooping in his diaper. Great. So as soon as I arrived at IHOP I took Ryan to the ladies restroom. The baby changing table was inside the largest stall, which was locked. So I stood there and waited. And waited. Then I started talking to Ryan, "Yes, baby, your diaper needs to be changed and we're waiting for the changing table" hoping that the person inside would get the hint. More waiting. Finally I looked under the stall door and discovered it was empty. Locked, but empty. Argh! So I had to get one of the waitstaff to crawl under the door and unlock it from the inside. I then changed Ryan and went back to the table where we proceeded to order very cautiously but still managed to receive enough food to feed 2 more people.

With a protein-filled meal in our bellies, we started the day's much-anticipated adventures! We met David, Jackie, and Max just outside the entrance and started down Main Street. I went to Disneyland quite a bit growing up, having cousins who lived just an hour away, but the last time I went was in high school. Walking down Main Street again after all those years, I was struck by how small everything seemed. Ha.

The first ride Jake wanted to do was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride. Luckily, it was right off Main Street and didn't have much of a line.
Buzz greeted us inside.
So excited!

Jake and Max were too excited to look at the camera.

On to It's a Small World, which I love. Jake loved it, too and his eyes were as big as saucers throughout the ride. It was great that Ryan was able to come with us on a number of rides, including Astro Blasters, It's a Small World, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Carribean, and Winnie the Pooh.

To Mickey's Toon Town which is new (to me).

Hanging out in Toon Town. They waved at Pluto and some of the other characters.
Jake loved being with David.
The adults took turns going on the new Indiana Jones ride -- first Mike and David went, then we swapped the children and Jackie and I went. A bumpy, fun ride! After that everyone went on the Autopia car ride except for Ryan and me. Then it was the Disneyland train to get from one side of the park to another.
The line for the Winnie-the-Pooh characters was pretty short, and the boys were happy to meet them!

My cousin David and me with our sons -- we have a picture of us when Jake was 4 months old and Max was 3 weeks old. This picture was taken in line to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I was so excited that the boys were tall enough for it and to take Jake on it since it is my most favorite ride in all of Disneyland. And Jake LOVED it! He was so excited during and after! Max was just okay with it, but Jake immediately wanted to go ride the Matterhorn, so he went with Mike and David and loved that one, too! I have to say I'm not surprised -- both Mike and I love roller coasters.

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