Sunday, June 26, 2011

Elowah Falls Hike

The 4 Vees went on a day hike to Elowah Falls which is on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. We hiked just over 2 miles, total, which is pretty good for a 5-year old's legs!

I carried Ryan on the way in, and Mike carried him on the way out. Turns out that Ryan is more comfortable on the shoulders/back than a backpack!
We found a nice, sunny spot to picnic by the water. Jake was delighted and spent almost the whole time throwing rocks into the water.
Silly baby tasting a rock.
After having our lunch, taking a little break from rock-throwing.
My view while eating lunch.

Hiking back, Jake was tired (read: bored). So we had him see how fast he could get to the top of the switchback trail, then found him a walking stick which was cool for about half a mile, then had him count to 100. By the time he finished counting, the car was in sight. Success!

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guthrie said...

Aww. I love those pix. Miss the water and trees after being in the desert for 6 weeks...!