Monday, June 20, 2011

Jake's 5th Birthday Party

Jake's birthday party! It was a superhero party and guests were asked to come as either a generic or character superhero. The birthday boy is Spider-Man.
The set-up in the background was the first game of the party -- an obstacle course.
The end of the course was this bad-guy (bad-guy used to be a nice disco dancer but, with the help of a black sharpie marker, my mom and I turned him into bad-guy.) The kids loved running around the obstacle course, whacking the bad-guy, and going around again. And again!
Mike as The Flash.
The little superheros! Kasey, Skylar, Jake, Cole, Kingsley, and Caitlin.
Ryan and Grandpa with the decapicated bad-guy.
Inside, Gramma lead the game 'pin the badge on the superhero.'
We made the superhero using Jake as the outline to trace. The kids all thought it was pretty cool (and harder than it looks!)
Me and baby Superman.

The last game was sort of a treasure hunt, but for the missing cake.

The kids ran all over hunting down Mrs. Evil and finding clues.

There was a clue across the street...
One by the bird feeder...
They really got into it and it was so cool to see all of them working on reading and figuring out the clues. There were two older sisters there as well, and they helped read the harder words. Total win!

Another in the oven...
By the apple tree...

The fireplace had a clue...
Then up the street to Skylar's house.
Mrs. Evil ended up dropping off the cake and fleeing.
So we sang Happy Birthday.

And had a vanilla cake with strawberries.

Then it was time for presents.
Calendar from Gramma and Grandpa.
Then outside to play!

Baby Superman chasing the other superheros around!

Jake modeling my Wonder Woman mask.
It was a great party!!


Amazing Bats! Treasure Hunt said...

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Amy J said...

I love that you created a scavenger hunt! So cute! Ryan looks adorable, per usual. Jake was a great spider man! Happy Birthday Jake!

Elizabeth said...

The pics of you and baby Spidey are so cute!

Rosalinda Hone said...

What a cute boy in a Spiderman outfit! I hate spiders, except for Spiderman! Anyway, what’s a birthday without cake? Looks like you got them moving and thinking with the cake. Good game!

-Rosalinda Hone