Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry season is late this year due to a cool, wet spring we've had (again). The season finally opened on the 17th and we went picking 2 days later. Need to start getting those berries in the freezer for the year-round stash!

And it was Father's Day but Mike is an awesome sport about this sort of thing. Including a 40-pound almost 5-year old on his shoulders on the walk from the parking/barn to the field!
Five minutes after we arrived at the field and started picking, this is where we were standing when the almost 5-year old announces "I need to go to the bathroom." Of course. And you see the red barn and the blue/white trianglar roofs next to it? Nearest place to pee.
After Jake, Ryan, and I walked back to the barn and then back to the field, we finally got down to business picking. Mike had already filled half a bucket with strawberries.

Milk break in the strawberry field.

We ended up getting 3 buckets-full, yay! Nothing better than Oregon-grown strawberries!

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