Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BBR July 2012

We went to BBR on a Saturday morning and my parents arrived Saturday afternoon. Then Mike went back to Portland on Sunday evening for work while the boys and I stayed until Wednesday afternoon. 

New rail posts had been added to decrease the gap between the posts. Now little ones cannot stick their heads through! Makes for drastically fewer heart-stopping moments. 
 Jake played lots of games of MasterMind with Gramma. Great strategy/logic game!

 One evening Ryan ate his entire dinner on the counter and then went to bed before the rest of us had our dinner. He was just worn out from the fun!
 We love melon season.
 Playing while dinner was being prepped.

 Gramma makes pirates for breakfast. So yummy.
 More melon!
We took the training wheels off Jake's bike. At first I was running with him, holding onto the seat while he pedaled. It was a lot of work for me! Finally I told him to just take his feet off the pedals and practice coasting along to get his balance. That totally did the trick and soon he figured out the balance and began peddling. He only fell once and ran into the bushes 3 times and then he got it. So exciting!!
 Although we have few outside pictures, it seems that Ryan spent 75% of the time there, outside. As soon as he woke up in the morning until it was time for dinner, he wanted to be outside. He particularly loved being on the yellow construction truck. He also enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk around and explore. So nice to have the house on a cul-de-sac off a secondary road; so safe!
 He also found Aunt Amy's Olivia and gave her lots of love.

 And Legos. Oh yes, lots of Lego playing for both boys!

On Monday Jake spent the morning at the Rec Center attending a day-camp. He loved that.
On Tuesday my parents took both boys to the High Desert Museum in Bend while I stayed behind and worked. They had a fabulous time!

Gila monster, who woke up and started walking around while the boys were there. Ryan got excited and kept pointing to him!
 Turkey vulture.
 Raptor talk.
 With Smokey the Bear.

 My favorite part of the weekend was being able to go on bike rides with my boys! Ryan in the trailer and Jake on his bike now that the training wheels are off.
We also went swimming a few times. Jake loves the water so much. Ryan liked it, but only for a short time.

The most notable part of our time there was having Ryan randomly call out "Pa-pa!" many, many times a day. He just liked saying it. It made us laugh so much!

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