Monday, July 30, 2012

Ryan -- 22 Months

Dear Ryan, 

You are now 22 months old! I can't believe how close you are to being 2. This month you went to your second year at the Oregon Country Fair and had a great time. I was impressed with how well you did sleeping in a tent! You got right into the Fair spirit and had a good time being there. The only time that wasn't so fun for you was while you were sleeping and everyone came back from the bonfire and were talking/yelling/laughing loudly, with flashlights wildly shining everywhere, but once I snuggled in the sleeping bag with you and committed to staying for the rest of the night, you were happy. And in moments like that I remember you're going to be little for such a short time, and happily snuggle you even closer. 

I love seeing your sense of humor in play. (And why does your mother constantly forget to put a bib on you??)
You love glasses. Anytime you find any in the house, you put them on. I think you're used to seeing me/Daddy/Jake wear glasses, and you naturally want to be included. I hope it will be years before you need your own.

We'd finally gotten summer in Portland, so one day Daddy was washing the windows. You were very happy to help.
And took it very seriously.
 You are quick to laugh, but also quick to cry when you don't get your way. (Libra, much?)

 Your hair has only gotten longer and more wild!

 Then during the last full week in July, you came down with a high fever, and for 2 days you did this:
 And this. I finished many episodes of Downton Abbey while snuggling you and making sure you had plenty to drink.
 Then on the last day you looked like this. We think it was roseola. You're all better now!
 Jake had been doing swimming camp one week and one day after we got home, you took Jake's still-damp swim gear and asked me to help you put it all on.
 And then, at the very end of the month, I gave you a haircut!! It took 3 tries on 3 different days to get it just right, but it has been very cute in the end. No more tangles! (This picture is after the 2nd try.)
Sweet little boy, it's amazing watching you grow. (And you did have a huge growth spurt after you were ill -- you have a hat that you wore to OCF that no longer fit after you were sick!) It's especially amazing watching you and Jake have a relationship with each other. We love you so much.

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