Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random July 2012 Pics

Playing at a playground. These boys love the swings!

 Really handsome picture of Jake as he was trying on his shirt for Amy and Tyler's wedding.
 On another hot day I got out the colored pencils and we had fun with body art.
 Water table and sandbox.
Time for new helmets. Thankfully one of the local hospitals does a $5 helmet sale several times at year.

Jake was delighted when a flat each of boysenberry and marionberries arrived. Many went into our mouths but we also made lots of freezer jam.
 Boys playing.

 Another day, another playground!
 Smoothie popsicle time.

This is a picture of Jake in the car after he and I went to a party for the Olympics opening ceremonies. Ryan was put to bed before we left and Mike stayed home with him. Jake and I were there from 7:30 until 11pm and had a fabulous time! It was chilly when we left so I gave Jake my hooded sweatshirt and he pulled it over his head, got into the car, and was promptly asleep.

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