Saturday, August 25, 2012

A & P's Wedding

On a beautiful, very warm Saturday, we drove up to Toledo, Washington for Mike's cousin's wedding. 

After we arrived, we had time to hang out on the beautiful grounds. The water bottles wrapped in wedding paper was appreciated, due to the heat!
 The bride's cake!
 And the groom cake (I guess this is a new trend!)
 Reception tables.

 Ahh my hearts!

 I love how they decorated this old truck with flowers and pop cans trailing behind...
 And the bench was the place to do the picture photo ops!
 Funny story here... I had been snapping pictures and Mike was chatting with someone. When I turned to look for Ryan, I found him just turning away from this little table where the ceremony was to be held. On the table were 2 tiny cups with a red liquid. It seemed that 1 was full and the other was only half full. There were some people sitting at the tables who were then pointing at Ryan and talking with each other. I think Ryan drank out of one of the cups.
Towards the end of the reception, I asked the bride if she'd noticed anything. "Some marks on 1 of the cups." I told her what I think had happened, and she had a good laugh. I appreciate her acknowledgment that sometimes kids do funny things like that!
 Grandpa Vee arrives and the boys have such fun chattering and playing around him.
 And then the bride arrives in a '63 Corvette!

 The ceremony was just lovely!

After a lovely time of chatting, eating, and dancing, we got back into our car and headed home, both boys falling asleep quickly.

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