Saturday, August 18, 2012

Multnomah Days 2012

Another year gone by, and it was time for the annual Multnomah Days parade again! This year, I gave Jake the option of watching the parade from the sidelines as we have always done, or participating by walking with the Foothills Soccer Club, which he just joined this year. Jake wanted to be in the parade! 
He and I left early and walked to the beginning of the parade to wait with a group of soccer players of all ages. Unfortunately, we didn't know anyone, but the excitement of being able to throw candy to the kids watching the parade was an opportunity Jake did not want to pass up.
 Ryan and Mike had gone ahead and found a place to sit to watch the parade. After we went through, we joined them to watch the end of the parade.

 After the parade, Jake got to play a bit at the Kid's Zone area. I'm sure this was especially fun while wearing a slippery soccer uniform!
While being in the parade was fun in the sense that I got to spot lots of people that I knew and waved at them, I missed getting to see the whole thing. So Mike and I will swap parade duty every year as long as one or both boys wants to be a part of the parade :)

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