Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random August pictures

Ryan and G playing!
 And a Lego battle! (I did not take these pictures, they were found on the camera.)

 Ryan and Jake playing with Stella, our doctor's therapy dog.
 The ONE time we went raspberry picking this summer. I usually like to go 2-3 times each summer, but things were busy!
 There were plenty of smoothie popsicles in the backyard. So yummy.
Celebrating the first tomatoes of the season!

 On a 90+ degree day, two brothers and two neighbor girls had a blast throwing water at each other.

 And then, after they all got soaking wet with their clothes on, they went to change into swim clothes.
During one of G's many brief visits while popping on and off the Pacific Crest Trail this summer, he read an online voice/ASL book to the boys on the iPad.

 Jake came home from summer day camp at Tryon Creek all painted like a chimp :)
 An afternoon snack of guacamole.

 Playing with G's hat one morning.

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