Tuesday, November 20, 2007

17 Month and 60th Birthdays

Today Jake is 17 months old and my dad is 60! The 20th was a good day to be born...
We had a dinner party for my dad at my parent's home. There were 16 of us and we had so much fun. Each couple wrote a poem to my dad and the poems were sweet, FUNNY, and wonderful.
Jake with the extended dinner table in the background.
We had a great time.
Me and my mom, the fabulous party planner!

This is Jake a year ago. He's eating a pear in this picture, which, oddly enough, he refuses to eat this season. Maybe next year? Jake is a wonderful 17 month old. He is so incredibly active right now, and loves words. He is saying more and more words in English (cracker, da-da, shoe, etc.) and knows an amazing number of signs. He loves to show people that he knows the words for things. He's so sweet, hugging us and getting excited about simple things, such as playing music. I can't believe how much fun this is!


Mrs. Meador said...

Whta a cutie!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hear the party was wonderful ... I'm so jealous you all got to see each other. Happy day to your dad and Jake!

mama_nomad said...

i didn't know you when he was that small--soooo cute!! and yes the 20th IS a fabulous day to be born! ;-)