Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birth and Baby

At 12:45am my friend Aimee paged me to say that her water broke but everything was quiet. I put my clothes on and went back to bed, so excited for her. She paged again at 3am and I got up and gathered everything, bundled up Jake and put him in the car, and we headed for the birth center Bella Vie. Even with all green lights and no traffic, it still took almost an hour to get there, but it was beautiful that time of night.

When I got there I greeted her and gave her the "dream catcher" I made with all the beads that were given to her by friends at her baby shower and left her to do the hard work of birthing a baby.

I hung out with Jake and her two older children, Austin and Kaitlyn. I was present for Kaitlyn's birth, so it was so special to be there for the birth of her 3rd child as well.

Here Jake and Kaitlyn are playing with the toys at the birth center. Kaitlyn is growing out her bangs but her barrettes were forgotten when they were gathering themselves up to go!
Aimee birthed a beautiful, perfect baby boy around 7:30am. He weighs 9lbs 4oz and was born in the water. Jake loved getting to see a brand new baby. Here the new baby is in daddy Reg's arms.
The beautiful mother with her new baby. I am so proud of my friend.


bred said...

congratulations, aimee!! and what a special gift, to be present at a friend's birth.

Lisa said...

What an awesome idea that dreamcatcher is! I am going to have to make one, if I get any beads that is. :o

Lauren the Lorax said...

What beautiful pictures, so precious! Congrats Aimee & Reg!! All my love