Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Haircut

It was time for Jake's first haircut. You can see how shaggy he is looking, with his hair growing over his ears and long in the back! Here we are with Shoreh, who does a fabulous job cutting hair for our family. She has 2 boys of her own so she has experience with little boy hair. Grandma Jean took the pictures.
Sitting in the chair... see all that long hair!!
First Shoreh sprayed his hair to get it wet. He immediately got upset!
He was very upset by the whole thing. Obviously getting your hair cut doesn't hurt, as we all know, but he just didn't like a strange person touching him.
We even tried to distract him with toys, including Nemo the fish. Didn't work.
Just did the best we could while Jake tried to avoid the snips!

All finished. Whew, what an ordeal (it lasted all of 5 minutes?)
Using the roller to get hair off our clothes. I saved some of his snipped hair for the baby book.
Doesn't he look great? He looks so much more like a boy now, and less like a baby.


A said...

He looks adorable! What a sweetheart. :-D


Korin said...

Cute cute cute! :D

joy said...

that is so cute, jake wants his mommy only!! you must havebeen flattered... ;P haircut looks great too.

Donny said...

Well, sure, haircuts don't hurt.. but isn't a child's scalp very sensitive at that age? When I give the wayback machine in my brain a good kick I can vaguely remember being a little kid, feeling each snip as the scissors cut. Maybe it was like that for Jake?

As an aside, is there any way to eat fruit leather without getting ones finger's sticky? Harumph.