Sunday, November 4, 2007

Old playthings, new playthings

The other day I had a cleaning/organizing spree. I was feeling jealous of Mike driving a very clean, uncluttered Sippy, so we cleaned Subie until it felt like new. Yay! I also put away a bunch of Jake's toys that he was bored with, and got these blocks out. Yup, they used to be mine and I have fond memories of my sister and me using them to create mazes for our hamster.
He frowns as I take yet another picture.
Jake and Daddy enjoying some coconut bliss ice cream.
We took Jake to a new playground today. It was full of kids! Jake took awhile to get used to it -- spent time observing the other kids playing before really getting into it himself.
He actually turned around and posed for the camera! Yay!

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