Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Yesterday was beautiful and Jake and I went for a really long walk. We love the park near our home -- it has wetlands and a forest.

Then it was time to carve the pumpkins!

This morning Wydeko came over for a playdate.
Hugging goodbye.
Then when Mike got home he and Jake raked the leaves.
Okay, Daddy raked, Jake had fun.

Our pumpkins waiting for trick 'r treaters.
Jake saying hi to Kami while in his wizard cape.
Then he goes over to Theo.

So we had 19 kids come to our house this year for treats, the most ever in a long time. These past few years the weather has been HORRIBLE on Halloween, causing all but the brave few to stay indoors. Today was perfect, though, dry and in the mild 50s. We handed out organic fruit leather sticks and got a variety of comments. One mom of a 3 year old girl said "finally, something she can eat!" when she saw them. A 4 year old boy looked at them and said "that's not candy." I laughed so hard when I closed the door. Overall people really liked them and I am happy to eat the few leftovers. Actually, Mike's finished most of them off already!

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mama_nomad said...

Fall is the best!!

That is hilarious--"that's not candy!" We did fruit leather too...but nobody came...oh well! We've also done mini-playdough and Halloween pencils...and luckily we never got our house egged:-)