Friday, October 5, 2007

Looking back...

When Mike and I upgraded to a new MAC we somehow didn't transfer all the pictures from the old computer to the new one. We kept putting off this very important task until my midwife emailed me to see if she could use some of my birth pictures. That motivated us so we hooked up the old computer again, transferred all the pictures, and then we were in the process of cleaning up the files on the old computer and then it ... died. I am really glad we got those pictures first!
I had been wanting to post pictures of Jake from a year ago so we can see how much he has changed. So I'll start with June and catch up to September then will post one from October on his 16 month blog post and continue monthly this year. That way I can also get some older pictures of him on this blog so that when we print it, even though we will have missed the first 10 months, there will still be evidence that he was that little.

Last year in early June this was me:

Late June:

July 2006:


My midwife, Pamela, created a video montage about birth for a presentation she will be doing at a local university. Some of the pictures from Jake's birth are included! Click here to go to her blog and view the video.
WARNING: there are some close-up pictures in there.


chiromama said...

Oooooh he was always adorable ::love::

Jessica said...

Lee, thanks so much for linking Pam's video. I bawled the whole way through, then Moon wanted to watch it again, so I cried some more. What a beautiful birth you had!

Hedro said...

He's such a handsome guy! And the montage was amazing! Thank you for the link! All three of us girls are so fascinated by birth! Lily wanted to watch it again, too!