Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All about Jake

Some Jake tidbits:

A couple weeks ago Jake started pointing to himself when he saw himself in pictures!

On October 3rd he weighed 21.9 pounds.

Yesterday Mike and I were talking on the couch and Jake got our attention and signed "Mama, Daddy"! That made our hearts melt.

He has 4 top teeth, all 4 first year molars, and 2 bottom teeth with the other 2 side bottom teeth now poking their way through.

Yesterday he had his very first temper tantrum, complete with throwing his body on the ground. Mike and I were laughing so hard (not out loud, and we made straight faces when Jake was looking at us). I'm sure we won't be laughing when he is doing that for the 38th time. But it did feel like a milestone, and we cherish it! He was upset because he wanted to play with the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

He's a wonderful boy.

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