Saturday, October 20, 2007

16 Months and a Busy Weekend

Last night Mike, Jake, and I went to a local restaurant and met old friends at a TMOS reunion. We had a great time, great sweet potato fries, and a cute 16 month old walking around.
He was on the go for about half the time we were there, and Mike and I took turns following him. He is holding a bunch of crayons in one hand.
Today we went to a costume birthday party. Jake has on his wizard cape that Grandma Jean made.
There were lots of balloons at the party, which the kids loved!
Madden and Jake both want the black balloon!
Jake spent a lot of time munching on an apple. Yum.
Jake checks out Ruby in her cow costume.Jake leaning back looking all cool for Ruby.
Ruby giving me the munched-on apple while Jake looks in the background.
Later he sees Ruby and asks "What are you eating? That doesn't look like an apple."
He leans in closer to hear Ruby's reply. (You can see the gold star on his forehead that I drew to match his wizard cape.)
Ruby points to Jake's apple and tells him to keep eating it.
Then she goes back to eating her pumpkin, trying to convince us that it tastes good!
Later that night we went to a TMOS dinner/auction. Jake did so well, playing at the table at first and then having a great time wandering around and entertaining everyone.

Today Jake is 16 months old. He is so wonderful and we are loving every moment. Here's what he looked like a year ago. This is one of my favorite pictures.

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Korin said...

yay for apples, and pumpkin eating :) I loved jake's cape :D