Friday, October 19, 2007

Occupational Hazards

So one of the hazards of Mike's job is caulk. He normally comes home with caulk on his clothes or his arms, but his hair? That's not such a good thing. I had to cut his hair and then attempt to make it even on both sides of his head. Oy.
And an occupational hazard of being a toddler... last night Jake was eating from a bowl of grapes. The bowl was empty and before we went to bed for the night Mike and I looked all over for any wayward grapes as we don't want to attract ants. We found a few and disposed of them. This morning I caught Jake eating a grape! Then I found them...
Of course, grapes sit perfectly in the holes made for the little people!
Jake looking very innocent while eating his grape...

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Dru Kepler said...

I've been enjoying the Jake pix enormously..I love his serious little face and all the adventures he has..kinda takes me back... to times with Tyler and Devin that are not documented so well

Great blog and thanks for sharing