Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Happy Fall!
I love this beautiful tree in the front of our house.
I thought it was cute that they are both wearing red shirts.
Today I took my friend Sara to get her nose pierced. She was so excited!
Cleaning the area in preparation...
Blake putting in the big needle. He was fast, smooth, and gentle.
With the big needle temporarily in before putting in the jewelry. Sara didn't really realize what was happening here, otherwise I don't think she'd have been smiling like this.
Blake showing her the ins and outs of her new jewelry, and how to clean it.
The final, beautiful result!
And leaving you with a cute picture of Jake...

1 comment:

mama_nomad said...

oh it looks so good on her, she's a such a beauty and the jewelry is so subtle.

thanks for the biz!!!