Sunday, October 7, 2007

Body Worlds 3

Today was the final day of the Body Worlds 3 exhibit at OMSI (open until midnight). Mike had gone early in the day with some friends, and I decided I just had to see it too. So we entered the exhibit at 7:30 PM. I am glad I got to go. Jake did really well. No photography was allowed at the exhibit so this is the best you get unless you click on the above link to see the website :)
(I don't know why Mike looks like he just drank 3 shots of espresso, but he was feeling wired.)
Back home, Jake looking at his new book., "My Own Human Body".
Jake's on the move a lot these days! The book shows the muscular, circulation, skeletal, and digestive systems.

A few days ago Mike had brought some rice crackers, the kind we don't normally eat. Today I wanted to give some to Jake to eat while he was riding in the car. My instinct told me to try the cracker myself first, and thank goodness I did!! The thing was so spicy hot that I had to immediately spit the contents of my mouth onto the ground (luckily, I was outside. Some creature outside is sure in for a treat. I hope it's the neighbor's white cat, whom I dislike.). Both Mike and myself had missed the "Hot Wasabi" on the front of the package. Yowza!

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