Monday, October 29, 2007

New Car!

Sorry no post for awhile, things have been quiet yet busy around here. That seems like such a contradiction, but that's how I feel about the last few days. :)

On Friday night I finally found the car for which I had been been checking craigslist everyday for 3 weeks. It had been posted at 8:40pm and was exactly what we were looking for -- right price, low miles, and good records/care, etc. The ad also said to please only call between 9am and 10pm. I looked at the clock and it was 10:10pm Shoot!! It took me awhile to go to sleep because I was so happy with what I found and totally nervous that someone else might get to it before we did. I even dreamed that I woke up at 10:30am and missed calling right at 9. Sigh. Fortunately I woke up on time, called them right at 9am. We went to see the car at 10am, and by 11am it was ours!

We are now the proud owners of a 2001 Toyota Prius. I am so giddy that we actually own a hybrid! It's the perfect commuter car, and Mike will mostly drive it. We're keeping our other car, as we've been needing 2 cars for awhile. We call the other car Subie, and Mike decided to nickname the Prius Sippy, you know, because it "sips" gas. Ha ha.

Yeah, we're going to have to do something about those stickers. If there's no way to cheaply remove them, then we're going to have to find something to cover them up. I've always wanted bumper stickers so maybe this is my opportunity :) But if anyone knows how to remove them in a way that doesn't involve a paint job, please let me know.

I have been taking a break from the camera recently, but it has been beautiful fall weather these last few days with lots of sunshine, and I took this picture of Jake in the backyard. Unfortunately I wasn't able to crop Mike's backside out of the picture.

Jake's been doing great. I helped a friend host a baby shower yesterday and Jake was so nice and sweet, and did very well in a house that actually had lit candles at his eye level when we first walked in.


North said...

My friend who used to work in a car dealership said they used Goo Gone to get the stickers off of trades. No paint job required - I would test it somewhere inconspicuous first - just to be sure.:)


Lee said...

Goo Gone! Thanks! I will look for that.

joy said...

I understand how you feel about things being ... "not busy" yet so busy... I guess thats how a toddler makes you feel. I keep up with your posts they are just darling. congrats on your car.