Thursday, December 20, 2007

18 Months

Today Jake is 18 months old. He moves so fast now, as you can see from these pictures. He loves to walk around really fast, be swung upside down, and spun around. He can now climb onto things (eek!) and reach the top of the countertop. His communication amazes us every day, and he loves to tell us and friends the things that he knows and can do.
He's a sweetie, giving us hugs and blowing us kisses. He waves and says "bye" in the cutest way. Lately Mike has taken to drinking tea, and Jake has discovered he likes tea, too (when it's lukewarm!) He is now an expert at eating artichokes along with his mom and dad, and it's time to start buying him his own instead of having him eat almost all of ours.
Pictures of people are among his favorite things, so we have to keep a rotation going on the refrigerator for him to point at. He listens to music, dances, builds with blocks, and plays "crash" with his cars. Anytime he sees balls he wants to play with them, and he has just started learning how to throw them. He sits at the sink while we wash dishes, and wishes that there was an endless supply of dirty dishes at one sitting (thank goodness there is not).
We love him so much, we're learning so much from him, and take delight in all that he is learning about this beautiful world.
Happy year and a half old, Jake! xox


aimee said...

aww this is such a sweet blog. Happy 18th bday little Jake, you are such an adorable little guy! oxox

mama_nomad said...

he is a great kid!

mmmm.....artichokes...we can only get them when they are cheap now b/c the kids eat their own, too.