Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Self Photo

Jake loves to play with the camera. This results in a lot of close-up pictures of the keyboard or his hands or pants, sort of in an abstract modern art style. However, he took this photo of himself and I thought it was pretty cool.

Jake is getting into everything now. He wants to do what we do, understandably, but setting limits is not the easiest part of being a parent! He loves to play computer games, and even knows how to open up a game and get it started. D-oh!

Lately Mike and I have really been enjoying the Netflix movies that we've been getting. 30 Days by Morgan Spurlock (of Supersize Me) has been especially enjoyable, and we are now watching Season 1, Disc 2 of that. The scenarios that people go through for 30 days are amazing, thought-provoking, and sometimes downright funny. The only thing that would make these documentaries more enjoyable would be not having to press "pause" 15 times during...

But I can't complain, Jake is WONDERFUL! :)

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mama_nomad said...

that is a good photo! i have a great collection of Mayan-taken photos--the subject is mostly Isadore and stuffed animals.

and i saw that show 30 days when in LA visiting my sis and i really liked it! didn't know you could get it on dvd....