Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The holidays have been busy for me this year. We've had fun, here are some pictures. My dad took most of the pictures with his awesome camera, so maybe he'll send me some that I can post on here (hint, hint). We had a white Christmas here in Portland, a rarity. The last white Christmas was at least 12 years ago! It was really nice and Jake was thrilled at seeing the snow come down (Mike was, too!!).
Jake with Grandma.
Playing with a new wooden puzzle.

Playing during the Christmas Eve dinner party.
With Aunt Amy.
Jake playing with a hat on it that says "Jake"! From Grandma Vee.

Totally cute!
Today at my favorite restaurant, Blossoming Lotus. We went there with our good friends who are visiting from NYC this week...
Guthrie and Carmen.
A cute Jake who has been having so much fun getting attention from so many people this week!!

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