Friday, June 20, 2008

Jake Turns TWO!

Grandma and I helped Jake celebrate this morning by taking Jake to the zoo. We had a fantastic time! We went through the African exhibits this time and saw so many animals -- bats, giraffe, gazelles, zebras, hippos, elephants, monkeys, fish, snakes, and birds. Really wonderful.
At the elephant exhibit.
Kissing the goat!
'Petting' the baby goat, with Grandma holding him up.
Jake Carl is such a wonderful sweet boy. He amazes us every day. His communication right now is astounding, and there is very little we don't understand. He can make himself understood in sign language, and most of the time says the corresponding words in English as well. Most of what he says now consists of 2 words, and on occasion, 3 words put together. I love it when he tells me something that he remembers happened in the past -- he still talks about how we buzzed Wydeko's hair "Wydeko buzz" and likes to say "Papa working" and "Daddy working". Too cute. Today he marked turning two with the longest temper tantrum I have ever seen him have, LOL!
At least it wasn't because I couldn't understand him, rather it was because instead of going outside to play, we had to get ready to leave the house.

He still sleeps with us, and while the bed feels crowded sometimes, I am cherishing it because it won't be long at all before he is in his own bed and not snuggling against one of us. I feel the same way about nursing -- two years feels like a long time yet it is hard to imagine not having him nurse -- his body snuggling into mine and those beautiful brown eyes looking up at me while he points to say "milk, I'm having milk!". He seems to be interested in potty learning so we could be done with the diapers a lot sooner than we thought, which would be awesome. Currently he measures 34.5" tall and weighs 26lbs. In terms of height, it looks like he could be taller than either his Daddy or Mama!!!

We are so glad that he is our child and we love him so, so much.


Candice said...

Cute, cute, cute, and I don't mean to break your heart, but he's turning into a little person...not so much of a teeny baby anymore.

Pamela said...

happy birthing day to you!

he is soooo sweet!

nicole said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Happy Birthingday Lee!

It's amazing how these little babes are tranforming into sweet little boys. :)

UrbanHippieMama said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jake!

Enjoy the 2's!


elliesmadre said...

Happy Birthday Jake! And he is so adorable. :)

Korin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and birthing day :D

Ruby celebrated with the longest worst explosion also. It was a trying time for all of us.

Let's play soon :D